Giving Attitude has provided a comprehensive picture of private sector support in the arts sector across Australia.

Giving Attitude, a survey of private sector support for arts and culture, is designed to inform policy and aide in advocacy for investment in the arts. Reporting both quantitative data and a reflection of sentiment towards fundraising in the sector, each edition builds on the previous and with subsequent surveys, will enable trends to be monitored, including the impact of external factors on private sector support.

Image: Darlinghurst Theatre, Once production. Photo: Robert Catto

Giving Attitude 2.5

Giving Attitude 2.5 analyses private sector support received during the pandemic. It reveals enhanced capabilities and beliefs in fundraising, and the difference in experiences of fundraising between different arts and cultural organisations.

Image: Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, String Symphony. Photo: Luke Baker.

Giving Attitude 2

Giving Attitude 2 reports a rise in private giving despite pandemic with cash contributions through donations and sponsorships to arts and cultural organisations growing from $351 million to over $377 million.

Image: Co3 Contemporary Dance, Raewyn Hill’s ARCHIVES OF HUMANITY. Photo: Stefan Gosatti.

Giving Attitude 1

Giving Attitude 1 indicates support from the private sector for the arts is on the rise and is a significant contributor alongside government support and earned income to substantially grow philanthropy and build sustainable arts organisations in Australia.

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